checkin' on the builders

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checkin' on the builders

Post  Clasybear on Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:54 am

Once again Tari Axehand of Stoneheim goes and talks to Lord Bishop... She waits outside the gates of Bishop's Keep and Looks up at the guard on the wall... ''Ya der... me knows dis is troublesome fer ya... but can ya tell Lord Bishop, Tari Axehand of Stoneheim is vonderin' vat is goin' on viff dee progress of her temple, please? He did say it was bein' built... but me don't see no progress.... vat is goin' on? ''

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Re: checkin' on the builders

Post  Moonglow Draoi on Mon Aug 30, 2010 8:08 pm

A robust man comes down the path with a note for Tari. Huffing and puffing, dripping with sweat - the walk obviously an exertion for him. He hands her the missive, "A missive from his Lord Bishop, Ms. Axehand."

*in what appears to be a trembling hand*
Ms. Axehand,

My apologies for the delays. It would seem I have not been well of late. In the months of my absence much has gone undone and I regret to inform you the missive to let you know the builders that were building in Saban had stopped, awaiting payment. I am certain once they have been paid, they will resume work. My apologies for such a short note, but would seem I am not myself these days.

Lord Bishop
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